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The company STMicroelectronics has introduced high-voltage converters - VIPER01 , on the basis of which the engineers can create simple compact low-power and low-cost pulse voltage converters with an output voltage of 5V. Chip VIPER01, designed for applications in circuits with low power consumption, which are most common in areas such as: household appliances, lighting control schemes, small industrial and consumer devices. Presented converters can be powered directly from the rectified mains supply and have an integrated 800-V power MOSFET for high reliability control circuit PWM current-mode, and lots of circuit protection.


The converter provides additional power microcontrollers in the Internet of Things devices are constantly connected to the Internet or a local network. The component is part of a family of high-voltage transformers VIPerPlus. The decision to use proprietary technology Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD), which involves the integration in a single chip diagnostic circuit, a PWM controller, the control of high-voltage transistor logic. This integration does not affect the reliability of the power transistor.


Chip VIPER01 automatically switches to PFM modulation under a small load. The component may be used in buck and flyback topologies. Many integrated features will avoid the use of additional external components.


Key Features:

To get started, developers can use the debug board STEVAL-ISA177V1.