Supply of electronic components

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Gamma Components OÜ  ltd. was established in year 2001, the main functions of which was transportation of electronic components. Initially, the company employed three people and customers are enterprises to whom supplied microelectronics. Later became resellers of the company NXP - the largest manufacturer of electronics. Hence has begun new stage of development of the company when functions has expanded from simple logistics to sales of electronics components and offers a range of services. This has required the hiring of new professionals, their training and preparation for work with clients.

As of today Gamma Components OÜ offers not only high quality products, directly from the manufacturer, but also flexible payment terms (credit up to 60 and more days), buffer stock opportunity, technical support and advice (Terms and Conditions). We have our own warehouse, means of transport and logistics department to arrange customer’s cargoes packing, re-packing and shipment. We have also our own customs brokers, who can make customs clearance for goods from outside the EU, saving the time and clearance costs for the end customer. Technical support is provided by our engineering department. In the near future on the base of this department we are planning to create own design house, which will help customers do design their products from the beginning.

The number of regular customers reached is 60, including large and small manufacturers and microelectronics subcontractors. The main trade is aimed at Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and Russia. In addition to trading activity, the company also promotes the proliferation of electronics and technical expertise and information. The field of electronics is growing rapidly, new components and solutions appear, however the aging of components is also fast. In order to keep our customers abreast of the latest innovations and technology solutions we prepare courses and seminars. We invite all people who are interested in electronics. The seminars were attended by members of the companies whose products we offer. Therefore, participants can communicate directly with members of the companies, ask them questions and find solutions to various problems together with them.

Gamma Components OÜ is one of the leading proponents who offers in Baltic wireless GSM / GPRS solutions based on modules Simcom and integrated microcircuits one of the world's largest producers of which is the company NXP. In addition, we are engaged in training specialist and providing for them study courses. We encourage our employees to introduce new methods into an industry and work on the microelectronics development.