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Skyworks introduces two new module front-end (FEM) low-noise amplifier (LNA) with integrated Global Positioning filters SKY65713-11 and SKY65715-81. Both solutions support functions BeiDou / GPS / Galileo / GLONASS receivers in personal navigation devices, mobile devices, PDAs, and other portable applications. The devices while delivering high linearity, excellent gain greater value in terms of compression at 1 dB IP1dB input and extremely low noise figure.


SKY65713-11 prefilter provides low insertion loss in the band and an excellent out of band suppression in the frequency ranges of cellular and WLAN. The SKY65715-81 prefilter provides low insertion loss in the band, and the integrated band-stop filter provides excellent suppression range cellular frequencies, the PCS and WLAN. Both modules are multi-chip, SMT has a body size: SKY65713-11 - 1,1h1,5h0,7 mm, SKY65715-81 - 1,7h2,3h0,7 mm.


The target applications for SKY65713-11 and SKY65715-81 are products that use of GNSS, such as smartphones, personal navigation devices, portable devices for Internet applications of things, of M2M systems, base stations, tools, tracking valuable goods, professional radios. Two new LNA FEM appear as external LNA to compensate for the loss in the filter and increasing the sensitivity of GPS systems, which reduces the time positioning and improved system performance. Both high-tech low-cost solutions are ideal for applications that build on GNSS-based integrated circuits.


More detailed product information is available on the website Solutions' Skyworks, Inc. , pages SKY65713-11 products and SKY65715- 81 .