Supply of electronic components

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Sealed phototransistor optocouplers SMD: OLS249 and OLS449 .
For high-reliability applications requiring optical isolation in the emitting media


Suppressor diodes from 100 MHz to 30 GHz for the protection of receivers: CLA46xx .
For use with low-noise amplifiers, receiver protection in the commercial, aerospace and defense applications, microwave.


Subminiature and ultra-compact filters.
Custom filters from 250 MHz to 7 GHz for military and national security applications, radio and satellite communications systems, installed on the ground and air transport.


A sealed non-reflective GaAs IC SPST Switch DC to 6 GHz: ISO13316 .
For high-reliability aerospace, satellite and defense applications.


Sealed GaAS absorption ICs SPDT Switch DC to 8 GHz: ISO13286 .
For high-reliability aerospace, satellite and defense applications.


Powerful SPDT switch on silicon PIN-diode 0,9-4,0 GHz 50 W: SKY12208-478LF .
For the military and aerospace applications, communication systems, combined tactical JTRS radio system, the SDR software radio, land mobile radio and public safety radio systems UHF bands and UHF.


The ferrite isolators and circulators: Series 001xxx-SKYFR .
For military and commercial radar, and wireless applications


Choosing the right design begins with Skyworks

Aerospace and Defense industry is dependent on the accuracy of systems work flawlessly in the most extreme conditions possible. Portfolio of RF and microwave products Skyworks supports diverse scope of applications, including aircraft systems, defense electronics platforms and electronic warfare (EW), the global positioning device and ground mobile radios. Download the product brochures for the aerospace and defense industries Skyworks for a complete range of products and solutions. Product portfolio of highly reliable, hermetic ceramic RF circuits and opto-couplers located on site . Get information on products of advanced technical ceramics, please visit .