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The company Microchip Technology Inc. launches a new generation of 8-bit AVR Microcontroller with independent from the nuclear periphery


The company Microchip Technology Inc. added touch controller peripheral improved version (Peripheral Touch Controller, PTC) in its recently announced microcontrollers, including ATtiny817, ATtiny816 and ATtiny814. Touch controller PTC is part independent of the nuclear periphery (Core Independent Peripherals, CIP) which adds the possibility of using highly reliable touch interface in standard low-cost microcontrollers. Touch controller PTC has an excellent ability to work stable with capacitive sensors, even when exposed to water, the controller is configured using the configurator Atmel START code and easy to learn.


Independent from the nucleus periphery (CIP) is designed to perform tasks without the involvement on the part of the kernel code or constant monitoring. As well as CIP, touch controller peripheral PTC simplifies the implementation of the touch interface and enables developers to focus on the rest of the application.


Capacitive sensors using advanced PTC characteristics are stable in the noise conditions, with the surfaces of the water sprays and effects and to have low consumption modes to escape from the consumption saving. The controller has a resistance to induced interference within 15 Vrms on the IEC 61000-4-6 standard, which makes it possible to pass the strictest standards for electromagnetic compatibility (EMS), in particular for household appliances and motor vehicles. Resistance sensors to splashes of water allows outdoor use. Ability to work in a power saving mode (Sleep) and the microcontroller to wake up when you touch makes the new microcontrollers ideal for wearable electronics and other battery-powered devices.



Periphery independent from the nucleus to the PIC Microchip controllers like we described in our articles, which you can find on our site. See part 1 , part 2 , part 3 .


Independent from the periphery of the nucleus will be the main focus of the training workshop in Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg .


For more information about the possibilities of new microcontrollers, please visit the company's website on the links Microchip:

Developer Support

Program support is provided by an ecosystem Microchip. Controllers ATtiny817 first who received the support of the configurator Atmel START Code Configurator and efficient, compact modular QTouch library. Atmel START Configurator is based on web-technologies and provides the latest library.

To begin the development and study of new microcontrollers Microchip offers evaluation boards ATtiny817-Xplained Mini Kit, which is compatible with the Arduino ecosystem. Demo board Xplained Mini Kit can be used as a standalone development board and includes a built-in debugger, programmer, board configurator supports Atmel START and medium Atmel Studio 7 development.


The new family of microcontrollers ATtiny817, ATtiny816 ATtiny814 and is available to order samples and in mass quantities. Family 3 contains a microcontroller with Flash memory volume 8Kbayt housings and from 14 to 24 pins, including a body-SOIC 14, 20-VQFN, 20-SOIC, 24-QFN.

Part Number Pin Count Program Flash (B) Data EEPROM (B) RAM (B)
ATtiny814 14 8 K 128 512
ATtiny816 20 8 K 128 512
ATtiny817 24 8 K 128 512