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The company Microchip Technology Inc. announced the launch of the PIC18 family of microcontrollers "K40". The new family includes 10 microcontrollers with Flash memory capacity from 10 to 128Kbayt and buildings from 28 to 64 pins. The new family of 8-bit microcontrollers optimized for the price of the first PIC18 gained independence from the periphery of the core (Core Independent Peripherals, CIPs).

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Independent from the periphery of the nucleus allows developers to hardware implementation of the tasks, while the microcontroller core is freed for other tasks, or may enter into a power saving mode Sleep. As a result - a reduction of current consumption, receive a predictable response of the system, reducing development time and testing. The family of "K40" contains an updated block of analog-to-digital converter (ADC), the operation of which is independent of the core, which can be controlled time signal samples, the ADC can filter and analyze analog signals that can be useful in the implementation of capacitive touch interfaces user interaction (see . article of the ADC to the calculator).

The new family of microcontrollers "K40" is the successor of the popular family of PIC18F "K20". The new family has the best price, and offers options with more memory - up to 128K Flash memory supply voltage to 5V, EEPROM memory and a more developed periphery. Controllers are set independent of the nuclear periphery, including support modules for safety-critical applications (windowed watchdog WWDT, scan and calculate the CRC checksum module, timers HLT limit function), up to 7 and hardware PWM, several communication interfaces. Additionally, a new family of "K40" contains analog peripherals such as zero crossing detector ZCD, comparators and ADC to the calculator.

The new family of microcontrollers is perfect for a wide range of tasks, including industrial automation equipment, consumer and automotive electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Developer Support

The new family of PIC18F "K40" is supported evaluation board «Curiosity High Pin Count» and existing software - development environment MPLAB X IDE, configurator code MPLAB Code Configurator, C compiler MPLAB XC8, and cloud MPLAB Xpress IDE development environment.


The new family is available to order samples and in mass quantities. The family contains 10 microcontrollers with Flash memory capacity from 10 to 128Kbayt and buildings from 28 to 64 pins, including UQFN housing (4 x 4 x 0.5 mm), QFN, SOIC, SSOP, TQFP, and DIP.

Name Pin Count Program memory (bytes) EEPROM Memory (Bytes) RAM (Byte)
PIC18F24K40 28 16 K 256 1024
PIC18F25K40 28 32 K 256 2048
PIC18F26K40 28 64 K 1024 3728
PIC18F27K40 28 128 K 1024 3728
PIC18F45K40 40/44 32 K 256 2048
PIC18F46K40 40/44 64 K 1024 3728
PIC18F47K40 40/44 K 128 1024 3728
PIC18F65K40 64 32 K 1024 2048
PIC18F66K40 64 64 K 1024 3562
PIC18F67K40 64 K 128 1024 3562

"Gamma - St. Petersburg" is conducting a series terningov on which the developers have a chance to get acquainted with the practice of independence from the nuclear periphery - form workshop participant registration