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Company "Gamma - St. Petersburg" to announce the appointment for a free one-day training seminar "The periphery of the nucleus independent practice and application configuration.".

The newest family of 8-, 16- and 32-bit microcontrollers PIC12 / PIC16 / PIC24 and PIC32 get independent from the periphery of the nucleus, which through internal connections and configuration flexibility allows to synthesize hardware functional blocks to unload the kernel, to reduce the input frequency of interruptions and reduce consumption.

Participants will become familiar with examples of configuring Periphery Independent implementations of features such as:

To simplify the configuration and creation of drivers serving the periphery Microchip offers a software tool MPLAB Code Configurator (MCC). The use of MCC simplifies code generation and study of new microcontrollers.

For those who may be interested in training:

The workshop is planned in Novosibirsk (29 November), Yekaterinburg (December 1), and in other cities as the formation of groups.

Training Workshop consists of 2 main parts:

Workshops will be held in computer labs using MPLAB Code Configurator, demo boards and Curiosity Xpress.

Brief description of laboratory work (participant can choose the type of laboratory work from several options)

1. Introduction to the independent periphery of the nucleus by the example PIC16F18855

2. Introduction to the independent periphery of the nucleus on the PIC16F1619 development board example and Curiosity

3. Study bootloader library for PIC16 and PIC18 families on board and PIC16F18855 example MPLAB Xpress